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From time to time I find several historical wood that can be reused to a dynamic writing instrument.   Mostly the pens come from history: such as a the teak deck of the USS North Carolina BB-52, or wood from the first President's estate  (Chestnut Tree) or the General Stonewall Jackson's "Pray Tree" (white oak).  These different woods of historical value all have a certificate of authenticity. When I finish one of these historical writing pens I do announce it on  the What's New page [my blog] or on my newsletter.  



The USS Constitution

William’s Pen

Design No. #   15 - 1049

  •  Crafted from 1800  White Pine from New Hampshire                                    Coming Soon !
  •  Accented with Rhodium  &  Black-Titanium 
  • 12 layers of lacquer finish
  • Polished by hand to a glass-like finish
  • Easy-flo Rollerball-point  pen

This historic writing instrument of White Pine from New Hampshire, has been precision turned.  With the grain so tight  I went further to enhance the beauty by a using a century old lacquer layering.  Once thoroughly dry I hand rubbed the finish  for its  beauty and durability. 

Accenting the Beautiful White pine of the USS Constitution, is a series of hand carved patterns on the pen’s clip and center band.  These were casted and individually detailed,  then meticulously coated in 22Kt gold for the final presentation. 

I check writing instrument by hand one more time to ensure a proper fit and finish and then the pen is once more hand polished to ensure perfection.

This is only 1 of 5 USS Constitution writing instruments I will turning for the general public.

$1800            Email me

Personal Note:  I was personal able to select the wood myself. I finially from wood that was cut on a baize  Producting the visual grain you see.  It has 173 rings to the pen.  It was a very density and strong  wood. 


Empress of Ireland  -  Teak 

Empress of Ireland , Teak Writing Pen, Rollerball Pen,

William's Pen

 Design No. 13-049

  •  Crafted from Teak interior railing of the Ship 
  •  Accented with Rhodium  &  22kt Gold 
  • 12 layers of lacquer finish
  • Polished by hand to a glass-like finish
  • Easy-flo Rollerball-point  pen

The RMS  "Empress of Ireland" was one of two  more popular  streamers bringing Europeans to the New World through Quebec, Canada.  It made 96 crossing across the Altantic until it met its peril. 

In 2002 the diving team bought up a small section of teak railing of the Empress of Ireland.  Long story short I finally received the teak railing with certificate of authenntiy.  The ship sank 99 years ago.  The photo does not show the beauty of the teak wood. 

This is truly a One of a Kind Pen.  Not for everyone,   Is it for you?

$ 2600


General Stonewall Jackson's "Pray Tree"


William’s Pens

Design No. 13-112

  • Crafted from Splated White Oak 
  •  Accented with Gold Titanium
  • 12 layers of lacquer finish
  • Polished by hand to a glass-like finish
  • Easy-flo Rollerball-point  pen

This pen is from a massive oak tree stood next to an abandoned farm lane in the Shenanoah Valley near Mount Merdian near Grottoes, VA.   According to local tradition General Thomas Stonewall Jackson stopped each morning after breakfast at a near by house to pray under this oak tree while his army was encamped nearby in June of 1862. 

Many in the Shenanoah Valley have heard of the white oak tree known as the "Jackson's Prayer Tree" which stood near Mount Meridan. It was estimated to be anywhere from 275 to 300 years old  and is considered one of 36 most aortic trees in the United States, according to the  US Forestry Department.  


$ 450


USS North Carolina  [ BB-55 ]


William’s Pens

Design No. 14-090 

  • Crafted from the teak Deck of BB-55
  •  Accented with Rhodium 
  • 12 layers of lacquer finish
  • Polished by hand to a glass-like finish
  • 5mm Nib.

USS North Carolina  (the Showboat) was the lead ship of the North Carolina battleships and was the fourth warship in the U.S. Navy to be named in honor of the State of North Carolina.  She was the first newly constructed American battleship to enter World War II,  and she took part in every major offensive in the Pacific Theater of Operations to become the most decorated American Battleship of World War II, accumulating 15 battle stars.  The USS North Carolina is now a museum and memorial kept at the seaport of Wilmington.N.C. 

This is the third of four pens.

$ 650


The Bristlecone Pine

William’s Pens

Design No. #   15 - 1048

  •  Crafted from Bristlecone from  the Bone Mountain Ranch
  •  Accented with Sterling Sliver & 22kt Gold                                               
  • 12 layers of lacquer finish
  • Polished by hand to a glass-like finish
  • Easy-flo Rollerball-point  pen

A young sapling grows on a remote and inhospitable mountainside, as th e high Middle ages are in full swing in Europe, and the Anasazi are building stone houses in the American Southwest. The hardy tree grows for nearly a millennium before it is killed by a wildfire that sweeps through in the late 1800s.  Its exterior is scrulpted by the wind, sun, and rain of the hard alpine environment, eventually wearing away the charcoal from the fire.   In 1975, the wood was harvested in small quantities from which would become known as the Bone Mountain Rocky Mountain Bristle. 

while  turning this pen the aroma of the Colorado landscape and Bristlcone was very prelinte.  You will be holding  history in your hands.

$ 275    


    I wear my pen as others do their sword. 

 John Oldham  


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