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    A Pen is more than a tool,  

                                                   It’s a vehicle to your thoughts…  

Denis  Minamora


There are several basic kinds of a fine writing pen   A Fountain Pen,    A Rollerball Pen,   and    A Ballpoint Pen.  Bill uses all three types for his pen designs. There are an additional two special categories two select also  To choose a selection click on the Bold:

Fountain Pens

  • A Fountain Pen is a nib pen, similar in appearance to a dip pen. Unlike a dip pen, which requires an ink well, the fountain pen is refilled by an internal reservoir of ink. William’s Pens’ Fountain pens have a classic, traditional appearance.

Rollerball Pens

  • A Rollerball Pen is a special kind of ballpoint pen. First introduced in 1963, it is designed to combine the convenience of a ballpoint pen with the elegant ink effects of a fountain pen. It employs a water-based ink to achieve this effect.

Ballpoint Pens  

  • A Ballpoint Pen has a small metal ball at its point through which an oil-based or viscous ink is deposited from an internal reservoir. Ballpoint pens are easy to use and are currently the most common kind of pen.

Historical Pens 

  • From time-to-time, Bill obtains special kinds of wood associated with famous people, events, buildings, or ships, from which he designs a pen. Click here  Historial Pens  to view these pens.    

Custom Pens

  • Bill does take special requests for pens. There might be some material that is very dear to you or your family from which a pen might be crafted. Call Bill at (650) 888-6461, for a friendly chat.

Gift Certificate

  • Gift Certificates are also available upon request.



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