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Coming from a family of artists, Bill felt the need to further his creative interests after retiring as a professional photographer. His mother was a painter; his grandfather, a leather craftsman. Bill's father first introduced him to woodworking as a young child, and, with his newly found free time, Bill indulged this longstanding interest.


Bill soon felt drawn to the art that could be created with a lathe. Intrigued by the texture of exotic woods and the luminous qualities of lucite and acrylic, he developed an affinity for designing fine writing instruments.   From this involvement was born:


“  William’s Pens  ”

Luxurious Handcrafted Writing Instruments



Bill's pens have now won numerous awards at fine art shows throughout California. 


Today, Bill and his wife, Annette, live in northern California. Their two adult sons study and teach European and American history at universities on the east coast.  

Bill Daniels




Bill is a proud member of these following organizations:

  •  International Association of Penturners 
  • West Bay Turners Association
  • Pen Craftsman Association 
  • Pen Collectors of America
  • Fountain Pen Network
  • Pen Collectors


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